Chronological Development of Tia

The chronicles of the Nepalese aviation reveal us some of the most interesting facts and figures especially how this tiny green. cow-grazing pastures, the "Gaucharan", metamorphosed into the present TIA. Some of the major events can be identified as:

1949 The landing of the single engine aircraft in Kathmandu Airport the door to aviation in Nepal.

1950 A Dakota Aircraft (DC3) of an Indian Registration commenced the first ever Schedule Service Ofl 20th February, linking Kathmandu to Patna, Calcutta and Delhi.

1951 Witnessed the historical and auspicious landing of Late H.M. King Trihhuvan B.B. Shah in the month of February, ushering in the waves of Democracy into Nepal.

1952 Commencement of the Domestic schedule flights from Kathmandu to Pokhara, Bhairahawa, Simara and Biratnagar.

1955 Kathmandu Airport named as Tribhuvan Airport in June 15.

1957 The formal establishment of the Department of Civil Aviation.

1964 Declaring Tribhuvan Airport as Tribhuvan International Airport.

1966 The runway l6/34 of 3700 ft. was abandoned for the Runway 02/20 of 6600 ft. in length.

1972 Air Traffic Services were taken over by the Nepalese personnel from Indian personnel.

1975 With the joint effort of the ADB and OPEC, the Runway 02/20 extended to 10,000 ft. in length.

1981 Re-strengthening of Runway 02/20.

1985 The overlay of Runway 02/20 apron extension, with the development of the terminal complex.

1987 Taxiway overlay with completion of the Operation/Airlines and Control Tower building.

1989 Completion of International Terminal Building and first landing of Concorde.

1990 On February 18, the inauguration of the newly built TIA complex by His Majesty King Birendra B.B.Shah Dev.

1992 Private airlines started services in domestic sector.

1993 Landing of heavy jest C5 and AN 124 during the flood disaster in central Nepal.

1994 International and domestic apron expansion; rating and licencing system of air traffic controllers introduced.

1995 Work started for the installation of ASR/SSR radar system; domestic terminal building expansion; V-SAT terminal and AMSS system installation.

1997 Radar on test operation.

1998 Rt. Hon'ble Prime Minister G.P. Koirala inaugurated the Radar systems at TIA on 9th September; ASR/SSR brought into operation.

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