Parking: Domestic

Airport charges for Domestic Flight


When an aircraft is parked no Parking Charges shall be levied for the first 3 hrs. Provided that the period of parking exceeds 3 hrs, then 6 each hrs will make one parking unit. 

Charge is calculated as the following table.

S.N Aircraft's Allup Weight (Kgs) Charge Basic Charge
1. Upto: 40,000 Kgs Per 1000 Kgs. Rs. 37.50
2. 40,001 Kgs - 1,00,000 Kgs    First 40,000 Kgs.
After 40,000 Per 1000
Rs. 1500.00
Rs. 54.00
3. Above 1,00,000 Kgs First 1,00,000 Kgs.
After 1,00,000 Per 1000
Rs. 4740.00
Rs. 75.00

Note :-

  • Every 6 hours of parking will be counted as one unit of parking
  • Parking charges is waived for first 3 hours of parking. After exceeding first 3 hours, each 6 hours will make one parking unit, including first 3 hours of parking.
  • For aircarfts, whose flight premission is expired and currently not in operation, will be charged 25% of above specified parking rate.
  • 10% of landing charge is added as security charge.