The airport is Wi-Fi enabled and passengers can enjoy free Wi-Fi while they are at the airport. A free wifi link !!Free_CAAN_WorldLink_WI-Fi!! is available to connect with internet facility.

You can contact TIA help desk or Police information desk at the canopy area, Information desk at the check in area, help desk at the departure area, TIA information desk or immigration help desk at the arrival area, Customs help desk at the customs area, Nepal Airlines help desk and Tourist police information center for query or any information about flight at the airport.

Yes, Wheelchairs are available at the airport. Please contact your airline for further support. You may contact help desk for the assistance.

Yes. This facility is available at the departure area after immigration and before final security check in international terminal. It is being operated by Hotel Soaltee and Hotel Radission separately for the travelling passengers.

For the privacy of mothers who wish to nurse their infants, a Child Care Lounge (baby feeding room) with baby cot is available at international and domestic departure lounge.

Yes. This is available for Commercially Important Person (CIP) who on arrival may wish to rest while someone takes care of their formalities i.e. custom, immigration and collecting of the luggage. You can avail this room as per the guideline of the office.

Yes. Two money exchange counters and ATM are available at the arrival before immigration. ATM is also available at public place before entering to the international departure terminal of the airport.

All shops at the airport accept Master Card, Visa Cards and American Express Card.

Accommodation facility within the airport is not available. However, Hotel facilities are available at 4 minutes walking distance from the airport terminal. Other hotels are available in the down town city located four kilometers away from the terminal. Please check website and book directly with the hotels.

Passengers holding a valid ticket to travel within the next 12 hours can access the waiting room at international terminal Gate A1 side. Please note that passenger entry to the waiting room may be restricted without prior notice due to security or operational reasons.

Yes, weighing facility is available at the airport before entering into check-in area. You may contact help desk/information desk for further query.

Yes, you can get this facility in the international terminal check-in area B side.

We have designated smoking areas in the departure lounge of international terminal building. Smokingis prohibited at all public places as per Government prevailing law.

In the event of a medical emergency, well trained doctors and nurses are available from the airport medical centre run by Kathmandu Medical College (KMC) and HAMS Hospital. They are available round the clock till the operation of the airport. Both hospitals are equipped with emergency treatment centres. Ambulances are provided to cater to any severe medical emergency. This medical facility is available at both domestic and international terminals.

Yes, Post office is located in the international terminal check-in area B side.

No, you can use baggage trolley free of cost.

Actually they are not the porters, they are trolley collectors. However, they can assist you in special case free of cost.

No, the left luggage facility is not available at the terminal of airport.

Kathmandu Airport offers barrier free access for passengers with special needs. We have made arrangements of separate priority queue for elderly people, parents with infant, pregnant women and physically challenged person. For assistance at the airport, you are requested to contact your respective airlines in advance. You may contact help desk or information desk for further query.

Normally, it is discouraged to see-off a passenger due to space constraints. If it requires, maximum 3 people are allowed to see off in the international terminal. A public notice has been published regarding the same.

You can welcome your relative, friend and guest from new arrival area of the international terminal.

In most cases it is safe for women, with a normal pregnancy, to travel by air. However, it is best to check with the doctor and airline before plan the travel. In some cases pregnant women would require to produce “Fit to Fly” certificate.

You are required to carry a doctor's prescription for medicines that are to be carried on board. Passengers are advised to get in touch with their respective airlines regarding this issue.

Parents of unaccompanied minors need to contact respective airlines for the handover procedure before check-in.

Kindly contact the airline you have flown and register a complaint with them before leaving baggage claim area. It is the airlines responsibility to assist in such a matter.

Each airline has a definite guideline with regards to baggage. Kindly contact your airline for all questions related to carry on and or check in baggage before date of flight.

Passengers can carry Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs) in containers with a capacity of not more than 100 ml. LAGs in a container larger than 100 ml will not be accepted at the security screening checkpoints, even if the container is partially filled.

No, passenger are not allowed to carry valuable goods (e.g. ornaments, gold, silver, money etc.) in their checked-in baggage/luggage. However, they can carry it in hand baggage with the prior approval from custom and declaration from passenger at airline checking counter during ticket checking.

Please do not carry the following items in checked baggage:
• Drugs, Narcotics and other intoxicating agents.
• Firearms, ammunition and explosives.
• Power bank.
• Dangerous goods.
• Counterfeit (Forgery) currency.
• Radioactive materials.
• Compressed gas, acid and Mercury.
• Chemical and Biomaterials.
• Oily materials e.g. butter(Ghee), edible oil, honey, pickles.
• Meat items e.g. dry meat, pickles made from meat.
• Antiques and
• Other items which are restricted to carry as per Government Rule.

Yes, you are free to use your own mobility equipment. For this, you need to confirm with your airline whether your device can be used in the aircraft cabin or must be stored in the hold.

You can carry laptops, tablets, kindles and mobiles in your hand baggage, but you will be asked to put them separately through the X-Ray machine while passing security channel.

Yes, wired chargers are allowed in hand luggage.

Everyone must go through a walk through metal detector except passenger with Pace Maker in their body due their health problem. They can request security person of their problem and can be checked manually and it is also advised the passenger with Pace Maker not to pass through WTMD.

Yes. But inform your airline/travel agent of your requirement at the time of booking and remind them at least 48 hours before you travel.

Passenger can buy Liquor from duty paid shops available at the airport and carry them, but according to the guidelines of the countries.

Passenger can purchase Liquor from duty paid shops at the airport. It should be sealed packed and should be STEB (Security Tamper Evident Bag) packaging as per ICAO regulations.

It depends on the specific requirements of the countries you are travelling.

Each airline has their own guideline to carry pet. Passenger who wish to carry pet are advised to contact respective airline or ticket booking agent before date of flight with all possible questions related to carry pet along with their trip.

Vehicles are permitted only to drop departing passengers in front of international terminal. General public can pick up their friends and relatives from the new arrival area of the international terminal. However, both pick up and drop off facilities are available for VIPs and Diplomatic personnel in front of international terminal. Vehicles left unattended at the international terminal will be in police custody and fined.

Paid parking facilities are available at the airport. Private cars and taxis can be parked at the Car Park located at new arrival area of the international terminal. It can also be parked at the Car Park located in front of operations/airlines building and domestic terminal. Private vehicles coming to pick guests are given a stay time of first 5 minutes free thereafter will be charged as per the rules. However, VIPs and Diplomatic vehicles are advised to park in the parking lot in front of the international terminal.

Tribhuvan International Airport is very well connected with the City. Passenger can reach airport through taxi, private car and city bus.

Domestic terminal is approximately 5oo meters north from international terminal. On collecting the baggage the passengers can exit the arrival hall and wait for shuttle bus which will connect the passenger with domestic terminal free of cost. The shuttle bus will arrive in every 20 minutes. Kindly ask security person at that area for the help. For further assistance, you can visit

Shuttle buses are provided which connect passengers between Domestic and International Terminal and also connect to city bus stop to go to the down town city.

• Tribhuvan International Airport has the following terminals:
• International Terminal (Departure and Arrival)
• Domestic Terminal (Departure and Arrival)
• Cargo Terminal

On the date of travel, passenger can enter the terminal anytime. But due to the congestion of the terminal normally 3 hours before the flight. The check-in commencement time is usually 3 hours prior to departure and the ticket checking counters close at least one hour prior to departure.

For passenger convenience the following arrangements have been made at the Terminal:

• For the entry into the check-in area:

Four gates (A1, A2, B1 and B2) are available at the canopy area of the terminal to enter passengers in check-in area. We recommend the passenger to enter through any gate showing their ticket and passport to the security personnel

• At the Check-in area:

Ticket check-in counters are available in this area. This area is divided in two parts i.e. A & B. Counters from A01 to A13 are in A side and B01 to B21 are in B side. The check-in counter allocation is a dynamic process (i.e. under CUTE system), therefore, we recommend the passenger to check the allocation of respective airline counter signage for ticket checking. However, we have fixed one self-check-in kiosk machine for passenger ease in B-side. Initially, this facility is available only in Malaysian airlines and recommend the passenger to use this machine to avoid crowding at the counters.

• At the departure immigration:

Total of 14 immigration desk including one for VIP/Diplomatic, official and needy passenger are available. Arrangements of queue managers have been made to align the queue to avoid crowding and to ensure social distancing.

• At the Boarding Gate:

Seven Boarding gates are available to board the passengers. Passengers are recommended to sit according to their boarding gate number mentioned in boarding pass and also requested to closely monitor the public announce made by airline personnel at the gate during boarding time.

We have been facilitating tourism promotion through “Visa on Arrival”. You can follow the below given steps to acquire this visa.

• Step 1:

> Get your arrival card ready and fill out all your details accurately.
> Fill out online ‘Tourist Visa ‘form (It can be filled in prior to your arrival visiting official website of Department of Immigration / by using Kiosk machines upon your arrival at the airport). You will get submission receipt with barcode, please print it out and bring it along for acquiring visa. It works for fifteen days and becomes invalid then after. If so, you will have to fill it up again.

• Step 2:

>Make payment at the bank according to your visa requirement ( 15/30/90 Days).
>Get the receipt.
>Proceed to the appropriate immigration desk and hand in your documents to an immigration officer for visa processing.
You can also visit the link for more information:

All 'On Arrival Visas' are Tourist Visas. In other words, Tourist Visas are Entry Visas. If you are travelling to Nepal for purposes other than tourism (sightseeing, travelling, visiting friends and families), you will have to change your visa status. Contact Department of Immigration with necessary documents to change Visa category.

You have to get Tourist visa as an entry visa. You can get it either from Nepalese diplomatic missions abroad or On Arrival (if eligible to get it). If you are investing and running business in Nepal for long term, you might consider getting Business Visa.

All Tourists Visas issued by Nepalese diplomatic missions and 'On Arrival' at the Entry & Exit points including Immigration office, Tribhuvan International Airport bear multiple Re-entry facility.

Yes, however, they get it for free. Minors below 10 years get Gratis visa.

It is a kind of Visa that is issued for free.

You need to show a document which exclusively proves your nationality. Hence, you need to produce either valid Indian Passport or Election Card (issued by Election Commission) to enter into Nepal. Aadhar card or Driving license will not be accepted as a travel document.

It i s strongly suggested to travel on “Passport or Voter ID card” (if possible to have voter ID card). However, in case of emergency, immigration person may ask for Birth Certificate issued from Indian Government. For further details please login the website:

Gratis visa to an NRN is issued for 30 days at the moment. It is subject to change as per directive issued by Department of Immigration and Ministry of Home Affairs.

Please contact your closest Nepalese Diplomatic missions to obtain Visa. Make sure you have valid visa and passport before you board on plane.

Nationals from the following countries are not eligible for a visa on arrival in Nepal: Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Cameroon, Somalia, Liberia, Ethiopia, Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan.

You can get Pre Arrival Visa to Nepal from Nepalese diplomatic missions abroad.

Usually, you can get visas in less than an hour. Nevertheless, you can expect some delays and queues especially during the peak tourist season.

It is better to carry American dollars (in cash) for payment even though we accept other currencies too.

Yes. But we advise you to carry cash (American dollars) as well at least to cover your Visa expenses.

You should come to Nepal within 6 months (from the visa issued date).

Nepalese citizens travelling abroad require valid Nepali passport and visa for the destination country except in case of countries where “Visa on Arrival” is available.

Nepali citizen must produce valid Passport or Nepali citizenship certificate or Election Card (issued by Election Commission) to enter into India. If you are travelling with infant (24 months), you may be asked for birth certificate and if travelling with kid below 16 years, you may be asked for either valid school ID with birth date or valid minor identity card from the Nepal Government.

You must present with the following documents to an immigration officer in the departure desks:
• Valid passport and Visa,
• Boarding pass to the final destination,
• Labor permit issued by the Government of Nepal, and
• Other documents as appropriate and requested.
After you are done with immigration checks at Departure, proceed to security checks. Make sure you have your departure certified in your boarding pass and travel document (Passport).

Nepalese citizens travelling on Tourist/Visit Visa shall produce following documents at departure desk of immigration:
• Valid passport and Visa clarifying the purpose of travel
• Two-way air-ticket,
• Hotel booking,
• A letter exhibiting details of the sponsor ( individual or institution),
•500 US dollars ( cash/dollar or equivalent foreign currency) and authorized stamp/seal of related bank is required, and
• Other documents as appropriate and requested.
If you are traveling to visit your spouse (husband/wife) working in Gulf countries, you must produce recommendation letter issued by the concerned Nepalese Embassy verifying that you have been invited by your husband/wife. Nepalese nationals traveling abroad require valid Nepali passport and visa for the destination country except in case of countries where "Visa on Arrival" is available.

The Nepali Citizens traveling aboard for Institutional purpose e.g. Seminars, Exhibitions, Knowledge and Skill exchange program etc, shall produce following documents at departure desk of immigration:

The Nepali Citizens traveling aboard for Institutional purpose e.g. Seminars, Exhibitions, Knowledge and Skill exchange program etc, shall produce following documents at departure desk of immigration:
• Passport valid at least for 6 months,
• VISA of the inviting country,
• Invitation letter and program details explaining the purpose of visit,
• Two-way air ticket, and
• A document clarifying the institutional association and
• Other documents as appropriate and requested.

Nepali citizens who are in foreign employment and residing abroad at least for 12 months with prior approval from labor ministry and connected with government’s social security fund can bring any type and size of television; those who are not connected with government’s social security fund can bring only up to 32 inches television without paying customs duty. However, person who are returning from training/seminar and has been residing abroad for less than 12 months can bring television with customs duty. For more information, visit

Normally, you are allowed to carry only one mobile phone for your personal use. Nepali citizens who are in foreign employment and residing abroad at least for 6 months with prior approval from labor ministry can bring one extra mobile phone without paying customs duty. For this, you may be asked to complete customs process. For more information, visit

Normally, it is allowed to bring 50 grams of gold jewelry for female and 25 grams for male without paying customs duty. On the top of this, you are allowed to bring up to 100 grams of gold jewelry with customs duty and another 100 grams with extra 3% charges on the applicable customs duty. However, gold jewelry more than 225 grams for male and 250 grams for female are not allowed to bring in any cases and will be ceased. For more information, visit
(Note: Beruwa rings, Bangles, chain like jewelry made from 24 carat gold (free from alloy) which looks like ornaments will not be considered as ornaments.)

You are allowed to bring 100 grams of gold (24 carat gold not jewelry) with customs duty.

You are allowed to carry one litre of any type alcoholic liquor without paying customs duty. For more information, visit

Yes, but you have to pay customs duty as per the customs rule in gift items.

Passengers entering Tribhuvan International Airport must pass through customs checkpoint after receiving their baggage from the conveyor belts. They can pass through either Green channel or Red channel depending upon the baggage they are carrying. Passengers who do not have dutiable goods to declare they can pass through Green channel and who have dutiable goods to declare can pass through Red channel. If passengers choose the Green channel with dutiable goods or prohibited items, their goods may be seized.

Nepalese or foreign citizen can carry foreign currency worth US Dollar 5000 (Five Thousands) or equivalent other foreign currency when coming to Nepal. If carrying more than this amount must self-declare (as per anti money Laundering Act, 2064) at customs.

Nepalese citizens travelling abroad carrying convertible foreign currency must mention about the foreign currency in their passport.

Foreign citizens are not allowed to take with them more than US Dollar 5000 or equivalent in other foreign currency in cash when returning from Nepal, but there won’t be obstacle to take the money within the limits of self-declared amount while entering Nepal.

Any person above the age of 18 years can bring one Laptop for personal use without paying customs duty.

Flight Information Display System (FIDS) is displayed in most of the places of the terminal which provides the latest updates regarding the arrival and departure of all scheduled flights. Flight information can also be obtained by contacting the airline directly. However, if you wish, you may contact our office telephone on +977-1-4113163 (For international flights) and +977-1-4113299 (For domestic flights) or can check international flight time on Tribhuvan International Airport website:

We request you to register a complaint at the airport terminal duty office. Necessary steps will be taken in this regard. You may also lodge a complaint by sending a detailed mail to

Lost luggage should be reported immediately at the airport upon arrival before leaving baggage area. Concerned airline or Nepal Airlines staff will contact the passenger when the luggage has been located. Any damage should also be reported immediately. Requests for financial compensation for costs incurred as a result of lost or damaged luggage can be submitted to concerned airlines and NAC Customer services Department Relations in case of Nepal Airlines Corporation. If you have a travel insurance policy, you can submit your claim to your insurance company along with the report form you received from baggage claim area.

Please get in touch with “Lost & Found unit” at the airport or call +977-1-4113163. You may address your concern on lost items to or click

• Website:
• Phone: +977-1-4113045

• Website:
• Phone: +977-1-4470382

• Website:
• International Terminal Duty Office Phone: +977-1-4113163
• Domestic Terminal Duty Office Phone: +977-1-4113299
• For feedback or comment: Click on website
• Facebook page:
• Twitter (X): TIA,Kathmandu@TIACAO2

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